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Sunday, August 27, 2006
the law of air and fire
In chinese folklore, it is said that there was a princess and anyone who wished to marry the princess was to capture the wind and fire with only paper. Every bachelor who went to see the princess were enchanted by her beauty that they attempted to capture fire and air... but every time they capture fire, their paper would always get burned and everytime that they would capture air they always caught nothing inside...

Until one day, a bachelor came and accepted the challenge. The princess was already skeptical that no one could ever marry her because of a task that was impossible to do. So the bachelor did not rush things... he thought how he was to capture fire and the wind...

Finally, he went to the princess with only his paper and some bamboo sticks... The princess was in shock when she saw no fire captured or wind entrapped. The bachelor said not to worry that everything will be fine. So, the bachelor then made a box out of paper and bamboo and placed a candle in the middle... and said to the princess... "There... I have captured fire". The princess was very happy but felt apprehensive that it was impossible to capture air because it coudn't be seen. Again, the bachelor used the bamboo and paper to create a leaf life structure and gave it to the princess. The princess wondered at how air was captured... then the bachelor said to wave it and Thus, air was captured...

This was the beginning of the lantern and the fan...
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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
My first Law Article 1 Section 1: The Law of Thinking
This law permits all to think. In any case whosoever does not think will not exist. It is within the decree that a person is not applicable to not think because reading this law permits him to do so. Furthermore, it is within this power of thinking that a person should primarily have the ability do things a person ought to do. It is also within this decree that a person should always think before one is imbedded that one thoughtless action leads to a series of migraines.

Where as, a person who is not able to do such thing is comparable to a vegetable.

Where as, a person who is thinking is acknowledge as a person.

Where as, the presence of person is dependent upon his capacity to think.

Where as, the only way that a person is still living is when he thinks.

Where as, the only way one knows that he is alive is when he is thinking.

Therefore, it is by my power that thinking is the first law above all. Without it...(not thinking)
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My first Decree
By the power vested in me by me... I do declare that these series of laws be implemented in my life. Should any power overcome such laws, they shall be considered not affected. Furthermore, these laws will permit my being... that is all... so help me God.
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Saturday, August 20, 2005
All the darkness of the world cannot put out the light of a single candle.

The light can never be covered by darkness because it is light which brings the shadow of darkness life and meaning.
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